ACADEMIC PROGRAM : Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) – Marketing


The objective of the Commerce program is to develop a pool of young talent with specialised knowledge in the fields of Marketing.


The BBM programs consist of six semesters spread over three academic years. Each Academic Year consists of two semesters and the duration of each semester is approximately five months.

There are 30 courses including one “project” in these programs spread over six semesters. Each course is of 5(five) credits and of 50 contact hours. Courses offered in the first year (Sem-I and Sem-II) are common to all the students pursuing different functional disciplines.

The honors courses will start from second year onwards.

The students will be divided into groups depending on their choice of honors courses. Honours courses are offered in the areas: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing.


Xavier University will award the following degrees to successful students:

BBM - Marketing

Students are required to exercise their choice of honours at the time of admission.

Course Design:

The school offers industry relevant course curriculum which have been designed by a team of experienced academicians and professionals from the industry.


Semester I Semester II
1. English Language & Business Communication - I 1. Managerial Economics
2. Business Mathematics 2. Business Law
3. Principles of Management 3. Introduction to OB & HRM
4. Computer Application for Business 4. Business Statistics
5. Financial Accounting I 5. Principles of Marketing
6. English Language and Business Communication II
Semester III
Honours Papers Core Papers
1. Consumer Behaviour (CB) 1. Managerial Economics(Macro) (ME)
2. Services Marketing (SM) 2. CSR & Sustainability (CS))
3. Selling Lab (SL))
Semester IV
1. Marketing Communication (MC) 1. Personality Development (PD
2. Marketing Research (MR) 2. Production and Operations Management (POM))
3. Distribution Management (DM)
Semester – V
1. Brand Management (BM) 2. Entrepreneurship Development (ED)
1. Rural Marketing (RM) 2. Cost & Financial Management (50+50) (CFM)
Semester – VI
1. Retail Marketing (RM) 1. Soft Skill (SS)
2. Social Marketing (SM) 2. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance (BCG)

Extra-curricular Activities

As a policy, the Institute encourages students to develop team skills and citizenship qualities in addition to academic accomplishments. Enough scope exists in the campus for extracurricular activities through participation in interest-specific, voluntary student associations and other pursuits such as sports, social service, book clubs, music, debates, quizzes, contests, etc.

Hostel Facilities

Limited hostel facilities are available. Preference will be given to students coming from outside Bhubaneswar

Xavier School of Commerce has obtained the Accreditation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) to impart coaching in CA Foundation Level Course in the Xavier University City Campus. The aspiring students of the School can avail this facility for exams to be held in Nov., 2019. Interested students may contact CA (Dr.) Vijaya Batth, Assistant Professor, XSOC, for more details email us at