Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

The school offers Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). The course structure of B.Com and B.B.M program, spread over six semesters, has been designed as per the guidelines of UGC. The structure has been made robust by offering a combination of Core Courses, Elective Courses and Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC). Courses offered in the first year (Sem-I and Sem-II) are common to all the students pursuing different functional disciplines. In semester V and VI, students will choose from the list of electives which are specific to the discipline they have opted for. All courses do not carry the same weight. Core and elective courses are of 6 credits each and ability enhancement courses are of 4 credits each. The total number of credits in each discipline is 164.The school reserves the right to change / modify the course curriculum to suit the industry requirement or for regulatory compliance.